Introducing GSMC Classics: Parsley Sidings, a delightful journey back in time to the early 1970s with this BBC Radio sitcom created by the ingenious Jim Eldridge. Join us as we rediscover the charm and humor of this classic radio show, brought to life by a stellar cast including the legendary Arthur Lowe and Ian Lavender, known for their roles in the iconic sitcom Dad’s Army, along with Kenneth Connor from the beloved Carry On films.

Set in a quaint and sleepy town nestled along the main railway line between London and Birmingham, Parsley Sidings invites listeners to immerse themselves in the daily antics of the eccentric characters that inhabit this picturesque setting. At the heart of the narrative is Mr. Horace Hepplewhite, the affable station master portrayed with impeccable wit by Arthur Lowe. Alongside him is his bumbling yet endearing son, Bertrand, played by the talented Ian Lavender, adding a touch of familial charm to the proceedings.

Kenneth Connor shines in the role of Percy Valentine, the station porter whose misadventures often provide a source of laughter and amusement. Not content with just one role, Connor also delights audiences with his portrayal of Mr. Bradshaw, the hapless signalman, and even lends his voice to Clara, the station hen, showcasing his versatility as a performer.

Liz Fraser brings her own brand of sass and charisma to the character of Gloria Simpkins, the station tannoy announcer whose announcements often veer into the realm of absurdity, much to the amusement of listeners. With a supporting cast that includes the likes of Bill Pertwee from Dad’s Army and Roger Delgado, known for his iconic portrayal of The Master in Doctor Who, each episode of Parsley Sidings promises a delightful blend of humor, wit, and nostalgia.

As you embark on this journey through Parsley Sidings, prepare to be transported to a bygone era where laughter echoes through the corridors of the railway station, and every mishap is met with uproarious delight. Whether you’re a fan of classic radio comedies or simply seeking an escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life, GSMC Classics: Parsley Sidings offers a timeless experience that is sure to captivate and entertain.

Available on YouTube, Apple Podcasts, JioSaavn, and Deezer, our rebroadcast of Parsley Sidings ensures that this beloved classic reaches audiences far and wide, inviting new generations to discover the joy of radio comedy at its finest. Join us as we celebrate the enduring legacy of this comedic gem and embark on a journey filled with laughter, camaraderie, and endless entertainment.

Tune in to GSMC Classics: Parsley Sidings and let the nostalgia wash over you as we journey back to a simpler time, one laugh at a time. GSMC Classics presents some of the greatest classic radio broadcasts, classic novels, dramas, comedies, mysteries, and theatrical presentations from a bygone era.


GSMC Classics presents some of the greatest classic radio broadcasts, classic novels, dramas, comedies, mysteries, and theatrical presentations from a bygone era. The GSMC Classics collection is the embodiment of the best of the golden age of radio. Let Golden State Media Concepts take you on a ride through the classic age of radio, with this compiled collection of episodes from a wide variety of old programs. ***PLEASE NOTE*** GSMC Podcast Network presents these shows as historical content and have brought them to you unedited But Remember that times have changed and some shows might not reflect the standards of today’s politically correct society. The shows do not necessarily reflect the views, standards, or beliefs of Golden State Media Concepts or the GSMC Podcast Network. Our goal is to entertain, educate, and give you a glimpse into the past.


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