What Websites Pay $500 for a Single Article and Where to Find Them

Finding high-paying markets for your writing is essential if you want to make a living in the freelancing industry. So, to help you capitalise on your writing abilities, we have compiled a list of online publications that pay $500 or more every piece. Here are eight of the most spectacular places you can visit:

Topping the list is the entrepreneur.

If you’re a writer and want to learn more about how to make money writing, Entrepreneur is the best place to start. It’s possible to earn as much as $500 for a single article in this publication. Regardless of your experience level in the business world, Entrepreneur is a great way to get your name out there and grow your portfolio. They are open to submissions in both English and Spanish, with article lengths ranging from 400 to 900 words. Even if your entry is turned down, you will get constructive criticism on how to make it better for next time.

Incorporated #2 Website:

Inc. is another great choice for authors with a business experience looking to make money from their work. This media group is searching for seasoned writers to contribute to their site, as they provide resources for thriving company owners and entrepreneurs. You may make as much as $500 every article you write for Inc., depending on the length and difficulty of the piece. In addition, they incentivize writers with prizes for posts that become viral on social media. Send a short proposal and some writing examples to their submission website.

Thirdly, Lifehacker, which may be found at

Lifehacker is a good place to begin your search for websites that pay $500 or more for a single article. They have a regular charge of $200 for shorter articles and a much higher rate of up to $500 for longer, in-depth entries. Technology, productivity, do-it-yourself tips, personal finance, and cost-cutting strategies are all hot topics right now. Lifehacker is interested in hearing from people with fresh takes on familiar problems, so don’t be afraid to pitch them an idea that will make you stand out. They are open to proposals from freelance writers but insist on 100% original content.

Internet address: #4: Abroad

If you’re a skilled writer looking to make a lot of money for a single article, International Living is an excellent place to send your work. Freelance writers for this online newspaper may earn $400 to $1,000 each piece, depending on its length and quality. Topics of particular interest include retirement and moving abroad. Submittals connected to travel are appreciated, especially those that address topics like retiring abroad or working remotely. To apply, upload your writing samples and any relevant photos to their application website.

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