Remote Podcast Show Host Internship

Exciting Opportunity with Simulcast YouTube & Audio Podcast Show!

GSMC Podcast Network

Compensation: $15,000.00 to $75,0000.00 Annually

Employment Type: Part Time – Full Time Company Website:

Location: Remote


Job Description:

Are you passionate about podcasting and ready to take your hosting skills to the next level? Look no further! GSMC Podcast Network, a leading network of 1000+ podcasts, is thrilled to offer a Remote Podcast Show Host Internship for an exhilarating new daily live YouTube podcast show. This is your chance to be part of our latest venture as we launch an exciting simulcast YouTube podcast show, reaching our dedicated fan base through both video and audio platforms. With a monthly listenership reaching over 20 million downloads, GSMC Podcast Network provides a prime platform to showcase your talent and engage with our enthusiastic audience. As an intern, you will have the incredible opportunity to earn commissions through live read commercials, advance donations during the live broadcasts, and successful affiliate marketing commercial campaigns, all while gaining invaluable experience in the podcasting industry. While primarily an unpaid internship for college credit and/or life experience, exceptional interns may be considered for ongoing paid podcast host positions within our network.





· Collaboration with Show Engineer and Producer: The show host will be expected to work closely with the show engineer and producer. This collaborative effort is crucial in ensuring that the technical and production aspects of the show are in alignment with our vision and quality standards.

· Participation in Daily Production Meeting on Show Talking Points: The show host will engage in daily production meetings with the producer and engineer regarding the talking points of that day’s show. This practice will guarantee content alignment and cohesion among the production team, helping to maintain the quality and direction of each episode.

· Guest Appearances on other GSMC Network Shows: To promote interactivity and cross-promotion among our shows, we will have the show host appear as a guest on our other GSMC Network Shows. This will enhance our audience engagement and attract new viewers to the Show Host’s show as well as the show on which they are appearing as a guest on.

· Generate compelling ideas and conduct thorough research on relevant show topics to deliver informative and entertaining content.

· Conduct pre-interviews with guests, and on occasion, conduct captivating on-air interviews.

· Coordinate and schedule recordings in both studio and remote locations, ensuring seamless production flow.

· Select the best audio cuts and highlights, curating the most engaging segments for our audience’s enjoyment.

· Work closely with editors and mixers to optimize audio quality and maintain a polished production.

· Utilize exceptional video editing skills to create visually appealing content, incorporating text, graphics, and video elements to enhance visibility and viewer engagement.

· Leverage the power of social media by creating and posting daily video clips from the show to increase our online presence.

· Work with artificial intelligence to create show talking points, show scripts, to pull stats and sports history to enhance show content and quality.


· Possess high-quality recording equipment including a professional-grade microphone and headphones

· Have access to reliable video recording equipment (phone cameras not accepted) for top-notch visual production quality

· Proficiently use Google Drive for seamless communication and collaborate effectively using Zoom for remote interactions

· Maintain a quiet and suitable recording space that ensures optimal audio clarity

· Exhibit a vibrant imagination, creative flair, and exceptional storytelling skills to captivate our audience

· Demonstrate meticulous attention to detail, ensuring every aspect of the show meets the highest standards of quality

· Thrive in a fast-paced environment, working under deadlines while remaining adaptable to rapid changes and evolving requirements

· Possess excellent communication and collaboration skills, fostering a positive and inclusive team environment

· Have a strong understanding of effective content posting strategies on YouTube

· Showcase outstanding video editing skills, adept at adding text, graphics, and video content to amplify the visibility and engagement of our podcast show

On-Air Personality Dress Requirements:

Note: Because this is an on air video position GSMC has a strict on air dress code.

· Professional attire: Dress professionally and conservatively.

· Neat and well-fitted: Wear clean, well-fitted clothes.

· Solid colors and subtle patterns: Avoid bright or distracting patterns.

· No logos or graphics: Avoid clothing with large logos or slogans.

· Appropriate length and fit: Choose dresses and skirts of appropriate length.

· Comfortable and functional: Prioritize comfort and ease of movement.

· Consider the show’s tone and audience: Dress accordingly.

· Minimal accessories: Keep accessories tasteful and minimal.

· Maintain personal grooming: Pay attention to hair, makeup, and nails.

· Follow specific guidelines: Check for any specific dress code provided.


As a show host, you will have the exciting opportunity to earn commissions through the following methods:

· Earn a 10% commission on live read commercial spots.

· Receive a 40% commission on Super Chat function advance donations during the live broadcasts

· Earn commission on successful affiliate marketing commercial campaigns

· Channel Memberships: 10% of Gross Profits from Show

· Super Chat, Donation & Super Stickers: 30% of Gross Profits from Show

· YouTube Premium Revenue: 10% of Gross Profits from Show

· Show Merchandise Sales: 10% of Gross Profits from Show

· Sponsorships and Endorsements: 10% of Gross Profits from Show

· Patreon: 10% of Gross Profits from Show


The GSMC Podcast Network is your one-stop destination for a diverse array of podcasts that cater to a wide range of interests and passions. Our podcasts span subjects from news, sports, true crime, relationships, and classic shows to books, religion, music, entertainment, and even fantasy football. With our commitment to high-quality content, we provide an engaging and informative listening experience for our audience. Join us on this exciting podcasting journey, where you can learn, laugh, and be thoroughly entertained, all in one place. Explore our podcast episodes today to discover your next favorite show!


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