Meet the world's longest serving flight attendant, 86, for 65 years

Get ready to meet the world’s longest serving flight attendants, 86, who has worked as an airline employee for 65 years and has seen the industry go from using chalkboards to computers.

Six and a half decades ago, Bette Nash, from Manassas, , landed a job as an Eastern Airlines flight attendant, and she has been pushing beverage carts and giving safety instructions ever since.


‘I wanted to be a flight attendant from the first moment

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    She started her career in 1957, when she was 21, and things were certainly different back then – flights were $12 when she first started, and you didn’t have to make a reservation in advance

    Bette (seen second from the left) used to hand out Marlborough cigarettes to passengers, and served them lobster on platters – but what’s changed the most is the technology

    ‘Gone are the days of hand-written tickets, stickers for seat assignments, and chalk boards,’ Bette said. A 1955 plane ticket is pictured left and a flight schedule from 1938 is pictured right

    Transformation: Another thing that has changed throughout her 65-year long career is the way that flight attendants dress

    ‘The attire when I first started was very conservative, then we started getting really out there,’ she recalled to CNN. ‘After that, things started calming down a little bit.’

    And while many things have changed since she started, there’s one thing that has stayed the same – the people.

    Many things have improved over the years, america but there’s one thing that stayed the same – the people. Bette said, ‘They have the same needs – a little love and attention’

    ‘Maybe their dress changes, but people have the same needs — a little love and attention,’ she told  back in 2017.

    Bette, who went on to work for American Airlines after it acquired Eastern Airlines, is most known for her ‘warm hospitality,’ and is said to ‘greet every face with a smile’ while keeping her uniform ‘perfectly pristine’ at all times, according to

    One passenger, named Simon Johnson, told in 2017: ‘I think what is most amazing and impressive about Bette is the way she warms up the entire aircraft.

    ‘You walk on, you meet her, she knows your name, she remembers the conversation that she was having with you yesterday or last week or a month ago.’

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